• Appointment Management

appointment-managementThe balancing act of scheduling appointments, generating work orders, and dispatching technicians becomes far more complex as your business grows, not to mention the increase in your time required to manage that growth. Unless you invest in the future of your company, its potential will be limited solely by how much you can handle yourself. Entrusting your Appointment Management to MBO ensures that your scheduling is running at maximum efficiency so you can focus on managing and growing your business and not handling phone calls all day.

Our in-house staff of experienced professionals will tailor all appointments to your specifications (ie: number of appointments per day, routing based on your specs, employee’s days off, vacation, holidays, etc.) and provide confirmation calls for all appointments to prevent holes in your schedule and maximize profitability. And with MBO Appointment Management, you’ll receive 45 hours per week of professionally answered phones/office staff and Emergency After-Hours paging service for on-call technicians.

bullet-1All calls are answered by our staff, using your company’s name
bullet-2Work orders are automatically dispatched to the field, and geographic routing provides a new level of efficiency for your technicians
bullet-1Confirmation calls are made to the customer the day prior to each appointment
bullet-1Customer satisfaction calling, after the job is completed, is an available option
bullet-2Electronic Scheduling prevents appointment overlaps and syncs your entire company to the same information, including work history for all past appointments at each site.
bullet-1The Electronic Scheduling System also provides a checks-and-balances report that can be visually seen at-a-glance
bullet-1Customizable calendars mean appointments will be scheduled around the needs of your company and team
bullet-1Emergency After-Hours call service is available for on-call technicians