• Cloud Server Management

cloud-server-managementKeeping up with technology, and the implementation of software and hardware, is a daunting task for most business owners. Thankfully, cloud-based services have all but eliminated the need for a localized, physical server, and all the headaches and costs associated with maintaining it.

With MBO's Cloud Management, you receive all the benefits of local storage with the added bonuses that cloud-based computing offers:

bullet-1Faster computing with your local, or remote, desktop and laptop PCs
bullet-2No up-front equipment costs for a virtual server or maintenance worries compared to a physical on-site server (cooling/ventilation, power supply, backup issues, firewalls and phone/data line issues)
bullet-1Receive the most up-to-date servers at no additional cost, eliminating the need to upgrade every couple of years
bullet-1Eliminate the redundancy of constantly backing up important files and data
bullet-199.7% up-time

That’s not all... by using the My Back Office Cloud Management Service, you'll experience the added benefits of the MBO Difference:

bullet-3We specialize in helping service companies get their scheduling and billing software on cloud servers. Our experience and know-how will get your business up and running on the cloud without you having to lift a finger (far more time and cost efficient compared to hours spent by an IT service).
bullet-2We provide user set-up and customization according to your operational preferences (mail clients, vital software per user, data access permissions, etc.) as part of our package.
bullet-3All major accounting software is supported, giving you a seamless link to your critical data, and we provide installation of all programs and set-up linking of user data from the billing software to the accounting software (including all backup services).
bullet-3Our on-going Support and Management provides updates to all software, support with servers, answers to technical questions, and the comfort of knowing you have a partner for your business who concentrates on the needs of service companies using cloud computing.