• Cost Control Systems

cost-control-systemsManaging supply and equipment costs can often be just as challenging as managing the billing...but not anymore. Included in your MBO Solution is incredible control over your shop and mobile inventory. It is possible for every part and service to have a unique barcode (optional service) that the technician can scan when a part is used. Restock reports inform you what was actually sold from each truck (so you can re-order only what is needed to avoid overspending), and PO modules are available to track inventory purchases to jobs to prevent unapproved purchases.

bullet-1Every part used is billed to the customer during On-Site Billing, eliminating forgotten charges.
bullet-2Using the "Re-Order Report" feature ensures that parts are restocked based on what was billed on invoices, giving each technician built-in accountability.
bullet-3The MBO Purchase Order System only restocks what is sold, and tracks past needs to prevent over or under stocking. The result is a highly efficient system that minimizes wasteful spending and keeps critical parts on-hand at all times.
bullet-3Barcoded Parts Lists create a new level of efficiency. Barcode scanning eliminates human inputting errors associated with long and complex part numbers, and prevents theft by keeping employees honest…electronic inventories don't lie!
bullet-3Many business owners avoid implementation of an inventory system because it seems like such an enormous undertaking and they don't know where to start. With MBO, we do the work for you - all we need is your parts list and this system is ready to!