• On-Site Billing

on-site-billingMBO On-Site Billing allows you to invoice the customer, collect payment, and provide a receipt (printed or by email), all in real time while on-site with the client. Since the process is done electronically, technician calculation errors and double entries common with paper invoicing are eliminated, and all transactions are synced with your client profile, office, and accounting software. And because payments are collected while the technician is on-site, your cash flow is greatly improved, keeping your company moving in the right direction.

bullet-2On-Site Billing syncs with your accounting software, eliminating the need for manual entry.
No more entering manually at night and on the weekends!
bullet-2MBO offers assistance setting-up credit card processing with preferred low rates. And if you already have processing established, you are still eligible for preferred low rates exclusive to MBO customers.
bullet-2Credit card payments are achieved onsite via USB swipers that attach to your technicians’ laptops. Charges are processed the same day and funds are deposited to your bank account that night, greatly improving cash flow.
bullet-2An optional Barcode System can be printed from your parts list and easily implemented to help with the proper wording of parts descriptions.

Top 5 Reasons why most owners have not automated their billing:
reasons-1"I don't have the office space for a bunch of servers, wires and equipment."
reasons-2"Software and hardware is expensive ($10,000 - $20,000, on average)."
reasons-3"I'll need to increase the bandwidth of incoming phone/data lines, and possibly improve airflow (often an HVAC upgrade) in the server room, to handle the increase in data processing."
reasons-4"I'm not a tech guy – I'll either need training on how to get my info into a different system and get everything communicating, or hire someone who is trained to help."
reasons-5"Even if we had everything up and running, who is going to manage it? I will have to hire another full time employee to take calls and manage the schedule!"